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The Sun in Time

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sun_in_time_ssm.jpg (10439 bytes) a program designed to integrate science and social studies curricula through a study of Solar Science and Archaeoastronomy.  Through this set of lessons, students will have a better understanding of the motions of the Earth around the Sun, how these motions appear to us here on the Earth, and how ancient cultures observed and interpreted these motions. 

Each middle school in Huntsville City, Madison County, and Madison City was invited to send one group of 48 students to the planetarium for a program which illustrated lessons contained in the Sun in Time curriculum (transportation was paid for by NASA IDEAS Grant 033-97).  Teachers were presented with a packet of materials which included assorted lab activities and an outline of the curriculum.  Much of the material which was presented in the planetarium program has been adapted for the Sun in Time web pages as well as two of the labs. Teachers, please review and use the materials contained in these web pages. 

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The Sun in Time,  sponsored by the NASA IDEAS program, is a joint partnership between NASA, the Von Braun Astronomical Society, and Huntsville area middle-schools.   Materials were developed by Mitzi Adams, NASA astronomer; Beth Bero, middle-school teacher and lecturer for the Von Braun Astronomical Society planetarium; and Tom Sever, NASA archaeologist.

Please direct comments, questions, and suggestions to:
Mitzi Adams
mitzi dot adams @ msfc dot nasa dot gov
(256) 961-7626